IntendBeDo (Intending..Being..Doing)
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Set, Align, Track and Realize your Intentions

IntendBeDo means:
(Set your Intention) Be (Be Present) Do (Do what you Intend and know it will happen)

It is a know fact that you are more present while Doing. While Doing you also know that your Intention is happening because you are committed and moving forward.  It is also important to note that learning to Be Present other than while Doing will help you take your Inentions to a whole other level.

Here at IntendBeDo we are building a community where we create the lives we want and in the process help others do the same. This web application will help you Set, Align, Track and Realize your Intentions. When Setting an Intention it is critical that you write it in the present moment as an action. In other words, as if you are doing it now and not something you will get to in the future.

It is also critical that you Align your Intentions so that you create leverage instead of a clash. If you have two Intentions that are competing directly for time then you reduce your effectiveness of Realizing your Intentions. So pick ONE Intention and focus on it until you realize it. Then move on to the next one. Now you can add things to other Intentions on your list as you go along but they are not your main focus.

Tracking is a great way to create Focus. So Tracking your Intentions is really important. We love to see our developments especially when it is the realization of our own Intentions. This web application helps us evolve our Intentions. It is unbelievable how much we forget about what we already learned about a specific Intention. Now you just have to log in and see what you learned in the past and evlove it. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish using this simple process.

There are a number of major Intentions that are common to everyone as follows: Health, Career, Finances, Home, Car, Social Network, Relationships, Hobbies and Personal Development.

According to Eckhart Tolle our inner purpose is the same for everyone (to be present so consciousness can awaken through us). Our outer purpose is unique to each of us. If our inner and outer purpose is in alignment then we will be flooded with intuitive feelings resulting in insight. Even if you are not sure what your outer purpose is you probably have a few ideas. What ever purpose you choose it will inevitably lead you to find an outer purpose that is more in alignment with your inner purpose as you go forward.