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Setting an Intention:

  1. Write down your intentions describing them with explicit clarity (explicit: fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated; leaving nothing merely implied; Do not limit yourself.

    1. An Example of how to write an Intention:
      • Title: Improve my Health
      • Intention Description: Thank you for the incredible health I am having in this life. I am improving my health emotionally, physically and spiritually in every moment. I am able to let go of that which does not support me and attract what does support me. I am learning more in each moment about foods, supplements and activities that support me in a positive way for constantly improving my health.
    2. An Example of how to write a sub-intention: (There can be multiple Sub-Intentions for each Intention)
      • Sub-Intention Title: Supplements
      • Sub-Intention Description: I am finding and taking vitamins that I believe will enhance the overall quality of my life.

    3. A Few Examples of Intentions you may set: (You can have as many Intentions as you want but you may want to keep it to just a few to start)
      • Health
      • Purpose
      • Vision
      • Being Present
      • Passions
      • Unique Abilities
      • Relationships
      • Raising your frequency in the present moment
      • Intuitive Insights
      • Manifestations
      • Accountability
      • Home
      • Career
      • Vehicle
      • And anything else you want to realize or manifest.

  2. For each intention enter sub-intentions (things that you need to do to realize that intention. When you have completed the sub-intention then enter complete and go on to the next one.
  3. When working on the details of a sub-intention you may find it faster and easier to keep track of the actual work in the IntendBeDo Activities Tracker or in your own day planner or if you like you can enter the task work in the document section for each sub-intention here in the on-line application. Note: If you are keeping track of your work with pen on paper make sure to record the Intention and sub-intention at the beginning of each entry. This forces you to connect your activities with an actual intention and sub-intention with the result being an accountable focus on that intention and sub-intention. What you focus on expands and sometimes in ways you can't imagine! You may find that you are doing things that do not fit into any of your intentions. So either you have to change what you do or create a new intention for that activity.
  4. Make sure your each of your Intentions are in alignment each other and with your Vision and Purpose. Intentions that are work against the other Intentions only reduce your effectiveness at manifesting the life you want.
  5. On a regular basis raise your frequency to a positive space In The Present Moment and repeat your Intention and Visualize the Realization of your Intentions. See yourself completing it effortlessly and with joy.
  6. Choose an accountability partner and set up a regular weekly catch up (can be on the phone) to see where you both are with your intentions. Preferably choose at least one or more individuals who sees the value or is at least open to the concept of setting intentions and being accountable to your intentions.
  7. Make a commitment to doing something on your intentions that coincides with your accountability meetings.
  8. During your next accountability meeting describe what you did or did not do.