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  Research is showing that it is very important that you change from Sitting to Standing approximately
  every 20-30 minutes to maintain great health. Set your Intentions to be Healthy.


PORTABLE Ergonomic Laptop/tablet/keyboard/writing and lectern Sit Or Stand platform

Price: $369.95 - Portable SitOrStand100 (Patent Pending) with carrying bag or $329.95 without carrying bag. Pay by credit card or paypal.

Purchase SitOrStand100, or Carry bag or both together.

Raise SitOrStand100 to your desired height in a second. Do it a thousand times a day if you like. Your health depends on it.

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Low profile aluminum keyboard that works well with SitOrStand100

Tablet/smart phone holder. Clamp to either your desk or the SitOrStand100.

Easily carry your SitOrStand100 to any office, hotel or field site with carrying case $65.

Wireless Mouse
  • Raises or lowers effortlessly in a second so you can Sit or Stand at your Keyboard, Laptop or Tablet or Presentation or writing area. (Max height is 18” above desk top and the surface is 26” x 10 ¾”). When in the sitting position the surface is only 3/16 of an inch above the desk. This is critical for the position of your arm and wrist.
  • Attaches easily to any desk or table in the office or at home or field offices or a board nailed to a fence or a board on the tailgait of a truck.
  • Increase your desk space. As well It fits in small spaces.
  • Portable for moving around or traveling - Can be purchased with or without arrying case.
  • Lectern for meetings - Sit or Stand while you Present,  Read or Write while in board room meetings.





Your Portable SitOrStand100 is great for using your laptop or keyboard at your desk or table at the office or at home or in the field or on a board on the tail gate of your truck.